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Trend Tip: Grand Explorer

The next trend instalment for the year has us stepping back to a time where European explorers roamed the globe in search of undiscovered land, unseen animals and fascinating cultures.

It’s all about unmapped routes, bustling cities and ancient spice trails. Expeditions include spotting rhino, elephant and lions on the great plains of the Serengeti, trading tea and spices in Sri Lanka, or mapping the tangled streets of Marrakech.

Trend board of children's apparel and surface design for SS18

Turkey | Rebecca Jones | Cardigan | Sri Lanka Map | Stance | Lola and Stella | Rifle Paper Co. | Utatata Studio

Marks & Spencer | Shot from the Street


NOTE: I couldn't find the source for some of these images as I found them on Pinterest.

If you know the source or artist please mention in the comments.

There will be lots of cute animal motifs including lions, giraffes and monkeys, as well as trees and plants from African plains and south Asian jungles. You will also see illustrated maps of exotic destinations.

The colour palette is warm featuring mustard yellow, burnt orange and sandy neutral hues, contrasting with aqua and leafy green.

This trend gets me excited to research exciting locations and draw lots of cute animals.

- E

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