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Trend Tip: Homebody

Spring has arrived and I can’t be happier to see all the wild flowers popping up and the blossom trees now full of flowers. The increasingly longer days and warm spring air has motivated my next trend installment; Homebody.

This trend is all about warm summer days relaxing at home. Imagine getting your hands dirty in the veggie garden then relaxing in a hammock drinking iced tea and watching your newly sprouted plants grow.

Trend board of children's apparel and surface design for SS18

Wilson and Frenchy | Annelisdraws | Over the Ocean | Fábula | Oysho | Aiko Fukawa

Ilka Mészely | Atelier Stella | Luna Belle


The feeling is fresh, light and airy, with pastel shades of pink, peach, lilac and green paired with crisp white, linen and cream. Deeper shades of denim blue and teal create contrasting accents. There are lots of natural textures such as raw timber, linen, hemp and woven seagrass baskets.

Motifs consist of everything homey including pets, plants, and furniture with a relaxed modern style. Also leisure activities such as gardening, swimming and tennis are featured.

This is my favourite trend tip so far as I am a total homebody. I love to spend lazy Sunday afternoons just pottering around the house.

- E

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